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Six world leaders in homeopathy have joined the School in a shared vision.

The School of Homeopathy is proud to announce the appointment of six Patrons:

Rajan Sankaran
Jan Scholten
Miranda Castro
Jeremy Sherr
Frans Vermeulen
Massimo Mangialavori

Each of these people is a celebrated homeopath in their own right making great contributions to homeopathy and giving seminars and lectures all over the world. But they come together with the School of Homeopathy because they share the same vision as the School. We believe that the future of homeopathy depends on education and that schools such as ours have their part to play. We have a long established international program with students in over 60 countries. Our students have a reputation for practicing effective homeopathy and often go on to become influential homeopaths in many areas of the world. With our new patrons help we wish to raise the level of our program even higher and ensure all our students become the best homeopaths they can. Each Patron is making a generous contribution of teaching material to the School. Together we want to protect the future of homeopathy and believe that students represent that future.

“I am personally delighted and honoured that my friends and highly esteemed colleagues in homeopathy have accepted this invitation to become our patrons. I believe that this will be a first step towards an even deeper collaboration, and that from this, the establishment of not only an ethos of sharing and delivering education, but also a forum for open minded exploration will follow. With this goal realized, who knows how much further and faster the healing art of homeopathy will grow!”
Misha Norland, Founder, School of Homeopathy

“It is with great delight and pride that we are able to announce that these great homeopaths have taken on the role of patrons. We believe that, apart from the honour bestowed, there will be very tangible benefits to the School
of Homeopathy. We also sincerely hope that they will all gain from this association with our School. Everyone has expressed a desire to be involved and provide teaching materials for the students and we all look forward to that. In joining together we create a united view about homeopathic education and we believe that together we can better student education and
improve the quality of students leaving our course, that will in turn improve the level of homeopathy.”

Mani Norland, Principal, School of Homeopathy

World Class Patrons Rajan Sankaran Miranda Castro Frans Vermeulen




World Class Patrons Jan Scholten Jeremy Sherr Massimo Mangialavori



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